Heart Families

Heart families are families who have at least one child with a cardiac issue. Our mission is to bring normalcy to pediatric heart patients “heart kids” ages newborn to 18, both in and out of the hospital. We remind heart kids that first and foremost they are kids before being heart patients.  Heart families have learned since their diagnoses that they need to take extra precautions for their heart kids, but they can still have fun.   

Through our programs and events, Angels for Hearts provides a unique experience where we want heart families to come and enjoy just being a family. In fact, the only way to know which children at our events are heart kids is the heart sticker on their name tags—heart kids and their heart healthy siblings all participate in the same fun. Everything for heart families is free, including food, goodies and more. In fact, 100% of our funding comes from generous donors and sponsors in our community.  

Angels for Hearts also partners with the Child Life Specialists at local hospitals to make sure the heart kids and families “Wishes, Wants & Needs” are fulfilled. Being in the hospital for days, weeks or months at a time is not easy. Our “Wishes, Wants & Needs” range from toiletries and meals, to special health equipment and birthday presents. Our ability to provide these items helps relieve parental stress and aids in the child’s recovery.  

It is our privilege in serving heart families and heart angel families, and we are grateful they include us in their life story.