Who We Help

In November 2006 Kimberly started a project – Angels for Hearts which focused on pediatric heart patients. Kimberly realized quickly her doctors and family could not help her but she realized with the help of family and friends she could help others. In August of 2008 her project gained full 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt status. Angels for Hearts mission is to bring normalcy to the pediatric heart patients that they are missing while they are in the hospital and during their recovery process. Angels for Heart strives to remind people that heart kids are first and foremost kids before they are heart patients. All Angels for Hearts events are for pediatric heart kids ages newborn to 18 years old, they are open to the entire family siblings and the parents. For us the family unit is important and we try to help the families remember they do not just have a heart child or heart children but they are a heart familiy. So all our events are based on something for the entire family. Currently Angels for Hearts supports 3 local hospitals Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Stanford CA, Sutter Children’s Center Sacramento, Sacramento CA and UC Davis Chidlren’s Hospital in Sacramento CA. We are not affiliated with any one (1) hospital our affiliation is to the heart kids. All our events are open to all heart families regardless of their hospital affiliation. We believe if the heart child and their family can get to our events they are invited and if the heart famliy is in the area and needs our support and we can get to them then we will do our best to give them suppprt for instance we have helped familes at Kasier Roseville in Roseville Ca.

Angels for Hearts started with the mission of providing normalcy to heart patient’s age newborn to 18. We accomplish this in a number of ways. Our first endeavor was focused on the Christmas Holidays making sure that all the heart kids got to experience the joy and normalcy of waking up to find that Santa did find them even in the hospital. Then we started our ‘When I Grow Up…’ (WIGU) event, were we celebrate our heart kids and who they dream about growing up to be. Then we had an idea to celebrate Valentines and we created “Heart Kids Rock Valentines” to celebrate how heart kids and their families. Through our ‘When I Grow Up…’ event we learned that golf is the number one sport that is suggested by pediatric cardiologists for pediatric heart kids to play; due to golf is not a cardiac sport. So Angels for Hearts sponsors “I ♥ Golf” which is a program that helps to grow the game of golf by introducing it to pediatric cardiac kids. All Angels for Hearts events and programs are free for our heart families to attend. We want to give them the normalcy they are missing and through our events we can do that and help them to just enjoy being a family and not worry about the financial worries. To do this Angels for Hearts does all our own fundraising, we send out letters at different times of the year, we use social media, local grants, national corporate grants, local businesses, private individuals, our website and word of mouth. We are grateful for our generous donors and sponsors that help us to help our heart kids. We would not be able to do anything without donors and we thank them for sharing their healthy hearts.

Angels for Hearts is lucky to have grown organically, whether it is from the Child Life Specialists, the Doctors or the heart kids and families themselves all our events and programs are designed to help them achieve normalcy in their not so normal world.

Children’s Center at Sutter Medical Hospital

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Stanford University Medical Center