When I Grow Up

Angels for Hearts wants to help make it possible for the heart kids who may not make it to the next traditional December Christmas Holiday; to give them another day of where they could just be a kid. Angels for Hearts sponsors an event called ‘When I Grow Up…’ it is held every summer in early August in Sacramento California. Like all Angels for Hearts events WIGU is open to all heart kids ages 0-18 regardless of where they are treated for their cardiac issues, if they can get to the party they are welcome.

All children with or without pediatric heart issues dream about what they want to do when they grow up. Our event makes it accessible for the pediatric heart patients to meet and talk with ‘Grown-ups’ such as Firemen, Police, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Race Car Drivers, Engineers, Chefs, Bakers, TV Personalities, Professional Athletes, USA Olympic Athletes, Graphic Artists, Radio DJ’s, Veterinarians, Superheroes, Scientists, TV News Anchors, etc. Angels for Hearts goal is to help the heart kids remember that their dreams are only limited by their imaginations. Angels for Hearts was founded on the idea of making sure that pediatric heart patients keep some sense of normalcy of being a kid even though they have pediatric heart issues and grow up in a hospital setting. We want to help these children remember that first and foremost they are kids before they are heart kids. ‘When I Grow Up…’ is not a career fair but a day for the heart kids to be with their families the theme of the day is ‘When I Grow Up…’. Just like with heart kids their only limitation is their imaginations and our WIGU event is endless with possibilities due to the endless list of occupations.

We thank and appreciate the many volunteers that help at our ‘When I Grow Up…’ event every year. We have food, drinks, and activities for the heart child as well as their siblings and families. Being able to bring pediatric heart patients and their families together for a party where they will be able to share and meet other children and families facing some of the same heart issues is an invaluable tool for these pediatric heart families.

Our ‘When I Grow Up…’ event is funded by generous individuals, companies, and sponsors yearly. We rely on these generous donations to keep our ‘When I Grow Up…’ event going every summer; without their generosity we would not be able to have this event for the heart kids and their families. In 2013 Angels for Hearts received our 1st national sponsorship with Colby Red Wine in partnership with California Pizza Kitchen to bring a great meal to our families, the sponsorship is with intent for many years to come and we are excited to be able to feed our heart families a heart healthy lunch. Angels for Hears is elated with the partnership and sponsorship with Colby Red Wine and CPK. The friendship that Angels for Hearts has with the Colby Red Wine family goes far beyond just the sponsorship; combining our missions only completes the circle of pediatric heart issues in that it starts at research for CHD and ends with seeing heart kids just being kids.